The Upper PeeDee Farm and Food Council is helping create a sustainable, locally-based, economically-resilient farm and food system.

The mission of the Upper Pee Dee Farm and Food Council is to encourage, support, and coordinate the local farm and food system through:

  •  Agriculture – Strengthening the economic vitality and viability of farming; promoting a vibrant community of farmers; maximizing opportunities for farms of all sizes; searching out mentors and farm land available for new farmers; supporting farmland protection
  • Economic Development – Enhancing the broader economic viability of local and regional farm and food systems; increasing farmer profitability through better marketing, aggregation and distribution to markets; increasing the number of local food and agriculture jobs
  • Education – Promoting the benefits and appreciation of farm and food systems, agriculture, and environmental protection; educating new small farmers about growing local food
  • Accessibility – Promoting access to and distribution of affordable, nutritious food
  • Health – Promoting improved public health by broadening access to locally produced food and providing education on nutrition, food preparation and preservation, and safe food-handling practices


The Upper PeeDee Farm and Food Council is a North Carolina un-incorporated association.

Contact us at info@upffc.org